Custom Remapping

The Tuning Society is one of the few companies in the South of England who have the ability to actually carry out a true custom remap. The buzzword "custom" has lost its meaning as every man in a van or MOT centre can easily say "Yes it's all custom definite, sure it is!". It's easy to say but words do not mean it is true.

The Remapping industry is full of "Tuners" who somehow carry out a full bespoke custom map on your drive way with nothing but an email to a mystery person, without any of the £100,000's of equipment and tools, let alone knowledge to do so.




The Tuning Society is a licensed user of the top industry file editing software WinOLS by EVC, this alone is an investment which costs thousands of pounds, but also years of experience and knowledge to use effectively.

WinOLS allows us the ability open up any ECU file and analyse it in great depth and reverse engineer your vehicles software, so we can make the appropriate and correct changes. You can validate our license in the footer of this page.

On top of this we've invested thousands in only top of the line genuine, licensed, master flash tools to program customer ECUs. This ensures we have access to many of the latest ECUs with reliable professional equipment, many cheap fakes regularly leave ECUs unusable in a permeant crashed state.

By ensuring we work closely with flash tool manufacturers and maintain our support contracts with them, we can ensure that in the unlikely event of an ECU flash failure we have the full backing of the flash tool manufacturer to help recover and restore an ECU to working order.

We are always investing and expanding our tool range and actively look for new tools to expand our vehicle range and capabilities, and in some cases have even developed our own ECU flash software, both for our private use or public customer use such as our TTSFlasher.


The Remapping Process


Step 1

We bring in the vehicle and perform basic checks and inspections to ensure the vehicle is in a suitable condition to be remapped. As appropriate we may carry out further diagnostic scans or mechanical tests as we feel necessary inclusive in the price.

Any fault may cause the vehicle to perform incorrectly or any fault maybe aggravated by remapping and must be addressed first before any tuning is carried out and we may even refuse to tune for your vehicles safety until these are addressed.

Step 2

Next the vehicle is loaded onto our Rolling Road to ensure it is producing approximate factory figures and that the engine is healthy. Again if anything unsual is found at this step, we may advise repairs or refuse to tune the vehicle.

We also use this figure as a base line to show you your vehicles starting point. Every vehicle is different and changes such as the weather and air density can change a vehicles power output. Not to mention some vehicles actually have less or more than the factory claim anyway!

Nissan GTR

ECU being Flashed

Step 3

Now that we've validated the vehicles performance and health, we're happy to proceed with tuning.

First step is to download the current software from the vehicle and save it as a backup. We always keep backups of our work so if your map is lost or if you wish to return to standard for any reason, we can easily do this for you.

Accessing the software can happen in a number of ways, most commonly and easily, is to download the vehicles software via the OBD port. However, in many cases modern ECU's support tuning protection and prevent access via the OBD port without suitable authorisation and encryption keys.

To bypass tuning protection most ECUs can be opened and read on the bench using various debug port or back door methods. These vary wildly in complexity and time to remove and reinstall the ECU, so you will need to contact us for information on your specific vehicle.

Step 4

This is the point our remapping goes to the next level above the rest. Unlike your man in a van, or even local garage, we are not a reseller of files from someone who's never seen your car. We use WinOLS or other tuning suites to write our maps in house with our own software engineers. Now we have your file open we can begin to write your remap using software such as WinOLS,

By manipulating data tables and setting within the ECU's software we're able to increase the vehicles performance and efficiency as well as write in customer requests so suit the vehicle.

Once we're happy with the file we will then reupload it to the vehicle.

Map Editing

Dyno Graph

Step 5

Once the file is uploaded the car will be tested again on the Rolling Road with required data logging and testing equipment to validate the results of the file we have created.

Steps 4 and 5 will be repeated until the tune is correctly dialled in. We are not only looking for the final figures, but smoothness of delivery but most important safety of the vehicles tune and operation.

Step 6

After completion the vehicle is given a final test and results printed for the customer. We are then able explain to the customer how to understand and interpret the results and give them the opportunity to ask any follow up questions they may have.

We may also road test the vehicle with the customer on request to allow them to validate the vehicle is to their satisfaction.

All that's left is for the customer to enjoy their vehicles new found performance!