EFILive Mapping

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One of the hardest things about importing Australian or US GM V8 engined cars is finding UK tuning support. We have our own EFI Live license allowing us to custom tune many LS engines and other US GM engines with their factory ECU.

EFI Live is one of the most advanced tuning suites available for GM engines and provides advanced software patching and data logging as well as detailed access to many of the ECU's internal maps and settings.

Tuning is carried out on our in house Rolling Road once an EFILive License has been purchased for the vehicle. This remains attached to the vehicle indefinitely so future mapping only requires the cost of dyno time.


We have experience with several LS engines including supercharged, turbocharged and other highly modified naturally aspirated engines.

Here you can see a twin throttle carbon inlet mapped to 520Hp, over 100Hp above factory!

To discuss your requirements call us on 01256 373 525 and we'll be happy to help.

LS Twin Throttle