BMW F20 120D - Stage 1 Rolling Road Remap

BMW F20 120D - Stage 1 Rolling Road Remap

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Optimise your BMW's performance by recalibrating the Engine Control Unit (ECU) with our specialist bespoke tuning software.

  Power Torque
Standard 163 PS (161 HP)
190 PS (188 HP)
380 NM (281 LbFt)
400 NM (296 LbFt)
Remapped 220 PS (217 HP) 440 NM (326 LbFt)


With Rolling Road tested and proven gains see excellent power, torque and economy from your vehicle while maintaining reliability and improving driveability.

  • Improve engine HP & Torque for a wide driveable power band
  • Improve engine efficiency for better economy
  • Optimised response and pedal feel for a better driving experience
  • Smooth and remove flat spots and artificially placed limitations
  • Improved engine safety and fault checking calibrations for maximum protection

Our in house Rolling Road is used to check the health and condition of your engine to ensure no unknown problems exist which would cause tuning problems.

Once the car is given a clean bill of health our performance software is then uploaded and tested again on the rolling road. Using data from our advanced logging tools gives the required information to further dial the tune to match the optimised and safest calibration for your vehicle.

Optional Automatic Gearbox Tuning can drastically transform the driving experience with improved shift times as well as calibrating clutch and gear restrictions to match the new engine tuning.

All bookings will be contacted once paid for online to arrange exact date and time for the work to be carried out. Typical waiting list is 1-2 weeks.